Thursday, 23 February 2012

Putting FUN into Learning

As a child, Social Studies was not one of my favourite subjects. And that's probably because our textbooks stated facts in a plain manner and no one really explained the importance/relevance of learning about places and cultures.
My kids are still small, but I already have ideas on how to make Geography interesting for them (without letting them know). Sharing my ideas with you...
  1. The world map - Each year we travel to some place (India or aborad) during summer vaccations - it'll be a good idea to have kids do some research about the destination they will be visiting, and create their own tour guide.

    As an after activity, they can create a photo album about their visit to the place and also write about their holiday.
  2. Stories - Stories are a wonderful resource to learn about people and culture. As children read books, have them write a short report about the location (non-fictional) where the story was set - the report can include list of interesting places mentioned in the story, lifestyle, culture and any other features.
  3. Music - They say music knows no boundaries - today thanks to satellite radio and television, we have access to channels that play different world music. Have children select a music theme/type/genre and find out its origin and how culture of a place impacts the music
  4. Food - This is my favourite category. Each time you take your kids out to a speciality restaurant, ask them to read the items on the menu. They can select 2-3 items and do some research to find out the origin of the food - right from where the crop is produced to which country the dish belongs to.
I hope you find these useful, and if you like them, do write back and let me know, so I am encouraged to write more. And yes, if you can think of any other ideas, please share them too.

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  1. What great ideas! I'm getting inspired to try them out and then pass them along to my kids when I have them. It's a wonderful, fun way of making them aware of the world they are in and what an array of vibrant, beautiful cultures it contains.