Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Magical Pitara

Summer Holidays are coming up, and as my almost 4-yr old daughter will gear up for her holidays, I wish I too can go back to being a child and enjoy the summer holidays. Summer holidays for me meant spending the mornings and afternoons reading books and escaping into the fantasy world of stories and evenings were meant for outdoor fun.

We were given a monthly book budget each month, and we could use the money to buy any book of our choice. It was their way of encouraging the reading habit, and it worked!!!

I had a cupboard full of books - adventure, fiction, humour, knowledge - it was all there. The cupboard was my magical pitara. Any time I felt bored, lonely or down, I would go to my magical pitara and pull out a book that would transform me into a different world.

Books were and still are my best friend. And that's why today, when I have my own 2 little kids, I spend some afternoons with them telling them stories. In fact, I enjoy story telling so much, that I am tempted to start a story telling venture for children.

What do you that a good idea? If you have a bunch of kids who would enjoy listening to a story, then drop me a line, I would love to conduct a story telling session for them.


  1. It would be great to start out a venture in storytelling. I think many mothers will be looking for such activity specially in a group of kids. best of luck.