Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Learning via Summer Workshops & Camps

The meaning of summer vacations changed for us, as we grew. Up to grade four, summer vacations meant fun and play. But after grade five, it was more about preparing for the new term in advance. I remember how some part of our story book and outdoor activity time got replaced with the new term books (usually passed on from cousins or friends who were in the higher grade) and worksheets.

My mom would insist that I read one lesson each day, and make notes about it. That way I would be a step ahead when school term began. In some way, I could understand that she was suggesting this for my benefit. But, I did not like the fact that my story book and outdoor play time were being replaced by textbooks.

With school studies and pressure increasing each day, I am sure many parents today, would also want their children to prepare for the next term in advance. But, what if we could make this preparation activity fun?

As summer arrives, so do summer workshops and camps. A little bit of research will help you find a list of activities going on around your area. You can find out the details and enroll them in the one's that will not only be fun but will also help them hone some skills.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Language learning workshops - Learning a new language as part of a fun workshop will help them brush up their second or third language subjects.
  • Project modeling workshops - Making aerodynamic model toys or creating Lego houses and bridges will help them learn some geometry and science skills.
  • Science workshops - Science workshops teach science through experiments and activities.  
  • Summer camps - Summer camps provide a great opportunity to hone social skills, and make children independent. Plus, summer camp means lots of physical activities. 
  • Sports workshops - Sports workshops, such as swimming or rock climbing help develop self-discipline, teamwork and confidence. 
  • Storytelling workshops - Theme-based storytelling workshops are a great way to learn about places and cultures. Check out Around the World in 7 stories (our storytelling summer workshop) on our Facebook page. 
Summer workshops and camps allow children to interact, explore, do and learn, and it's all centered around having fun!

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