Thursday, 1 March 2012

Let's Honor the Pigs

Did you know, March 1 is celebrated as National Pig Day in the United States? People celebrate this day by tying pink ribbon pigtails around trees, in honor of the pigs!

What do you plan to do on this day? Here are some suggestions:

Read some pig stories: 

  • Three Little Pigs: The classic story of how three pig brothers build a house using different material, and what happens when the Big Bad Wolf attacks their house.
  • Babe, The Gallant Pig: The story of Babe, an orphan pig, who gets adopted by Hogget, a farmer. The book takes readers through Babe’s adventures and misadventures in the farm.
  • Pigsty: A funny story about a boy, Wendell Fultz, who keeps his room messy all the time. But things take a complete turn when some pigs show up and make a bigger mess, making Wendell realize the importance of living in a clean place.

Make some pig craft:

  • Make a pig ear hair band: Cut out pig ear shapes and stick them on a hair band.
  • Make a piggy bank: Cover an old tissue box with pink paper, leaving a small portion of the slot open. Draw a pig face on another card paper and stick it to one end of the box, and stick a curly tail on the other end.
  • Make a pig wall hanging: Cover an old CD with pink paper. Make paper cutouts for the pigs eyes and ears and stick them on the CD. Dip a cotton ball in pink colour and use it for the nose. Put two small circles on the nose for the snout.

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