Monday, 5 March 2012

Talking Boards & Teachers = Fun Learning

This is continuation to our earlier post Talking Books or Storytellers. In this post we explore the combined role of Talking Boards and Teachers in making learning a fun experience.

Today, the blackboards in schools are being replaced with
digital interactive whiteboards. But does that mean that the real class teacher will also be replaced by a digital teacher? More importantly the question is "CAN" the class teacher be replaced by a digital teacher?

In my opinion, the answer (undoubtedly) to that question is "No!" Interactive whiteboards are not here to replace the teacher, but, they are here to enhance the learning experience for students.

I see the interactive whiteboard as a fantastic assistant to the teacher. Most lessons delivered via whiteboards attempt to teach concepts by showing detailed audio-visual animations. Thus, taking away some theoretical teaching workload from the teacher.

This means that the teacher has more time to prepare projects, worksheets and other activities, which gives students a chance to apply their learning. Since the audio-visual content is available on a central server, and is usually broken into small-length topics, teachers can combine topics and subjects and make learning more fun.

For example, the pattern of electronic configuration (Chemistry) can be co-related to Arithmetic Progression (Algebra). Or, a Geography lesson about p
ollution (acid rain) can be combined with a Chemistry lesson that explains how acid rain is formed. Or, a Geometry lesson on lines and angles can be combined with a Geography lesson on bridges and building architecture.

By itself, the interactive whiteboard would just be an audio-visual kit. It is the teacher who can use his/her expertise to create endless combinations, and make the digital experience more relevant and fun for the students. 

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