Friday, 2 March 2012

Talking Books or Storytellers?

In the movie, Moneyball, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) uses the phrase "Adapt or Die", while convincing his team to embrace the new baseball player selection system.

I believe that the phrase "Adapt or Die" applies to everyone, everywhere and even to storytelling. The trend of storytelling began even before the time of our grand parents. We've all grown up listening to grandma's stories. As times changed, books replaced grandmas, and today digital content is replacing books.

But does that mean story telling is dead? Not really, even today we still like to listen to a story, if it is told well. 
However, the method of story telling can be changed to adapt to today's digital generation preferences.

Storytellers can choose to use 
digital media as a supporting tool to enhance their story telling experience. They can create a slide show of visuals and change slides, as they narrate a story. And, audio effects can be added to enhance the experience.   
But the media can only be a supporting tool. Because, the media cannot replace the giggles and chuckles that are heard when a storyteller makes a funny or grumpy face, or rolls his/her eyes or does funny moves to enact a character's style or changes his/her voice to change the mood of the story, or interacts with the children and makes them a part of the story.

Do you agree?

Which would you prefer - a child watching a story or a child being part of a story?

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